ACONTROLLED TENSION is the key to the AGRICON cableway system. Using a small, hand-operated hydraulic ram, tension of up to 5 tons is applied to the cable. Once the correct tension is applied, as indicated on the gauge, cable grippers automatically lock on the cable to maintain the desired tension. The ram and pump can then be removed for use elsewhere. If a cable ever loses tension, retensioning is easily accomplished using the same equipment. A cable in tension is surprisingly rigid. With supports every 10 meters, the cable can carry greater loads than a bulky, heavy-weight steel truck that costs 5 to 10 times more. By only requiring support every 10 to 15 meters, the coat of support arches and support hardware is low, and of course, there is an additional savings in the reduced coat of installation. It is easy to see why, when large areas must be covered, the AGRICON cableway system is the lowest cost material handling system available anywhere in the world!

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